Washington Farm Bureau (WFB)

John Stuhlmiller, Chief Executive Officer

"The WFB PAC is truly a grassroots process. PAC decisions originate with our members on the local level. Each County Farm Bureau appoints a Candidate Evaluation Committee, which interviews and evaluates candidates. These committees make recommendations to their County Farm Bureau Boards of Directors. Once approved, the recommendations are forwarded to the WFB PAC State Board of Trustees."

Washington Bikes

Alex Aston, State Policy Director

"We are happy to announce that you have been endorsed for the 2016 General Election by Washington Bikes. We look forward to working with you around measures that will improve Washington State’s diverse communities and promote the health, safety, and economic benefits of bicycling."

Washington State Council of Fire Fighters

"It is our pleasure to inform you that the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters is formally endorsing your candidacy for the 2016 General Election."

National Rifle Association PVF

Brian Judy, Washington State Liason

"We appreciate your enthusiasm for the Second Amendment and the attention to firearm-related issues during your candidacy.  On behalf of NRA members in Washington House District 8, I am pleased to announce your NRA-PVF "A+" rating and endorsement for the 2016 Washington General Election.  ... your "A+" rating and endorsement as indicative that you are a solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate who is an advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms." 

Washington State Bail Agents' Association

Becky Magnuson, WSBAA - Treasurer

"I'm very involved and active with my state association - The Washington State Bail Agent's Association (WSBAA), and sit on the Executive Board as the Treasurer, and have for many years. Our Lobbyist, Dylan Doty, and our Board have made our choices for Campaign Contributions and you are one of them.""

Human Life Political Action Committee

Kenneth D. VanDerhoef, President

"We are pleased to inform you that you have receive an endorsement from the Human Life Political Action Committee (PAC). We are grateful for your commitment to stand behind the right to life."

Tri-Cities Republican Women

Waylan Funk, Co-Preseident and Lisa Benegas, Co-President - TCRW Club

"In contested races, the following were endorsed - Legislative District 8, Position 1 - Incumbent Representative Brad Klippert."

Washington State School Retirees' Association (WSSRA)

Dr. Rick Nebeker, President

"WSSRA endorses candidates based on their understanding of, support for, and openness to discuss the pension and benefit needs of our membership that includes 18,000 retirees and current employees."

NW Dairyman's PAC

Dan Wood, Executive Director

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your leadership and public service efforts.  The Washington State Dairy Federation represents Washington’s 416 dairy farmers and has been the voice of dairy families since 1892. Dairy foods constitute the 2nd largest agricultural commodity produced in Washington, with a direct economic impact valued at $1.3 billion. Additional, indirect economic effects boost the total value of dairy farming to Washington’s economy to an estimated $5.2 billion.  Dairy farmers are proactive in working with state and federal agencies to better our practices to protect the quality of our milk and Washington’s natural resources."

Law Enforcement Administrators of Washington (LAW)

Ed Holmes, Chairman

"LAW is pleased to announce our endorsement of your bid for re-election as the Representative from Washington's 8th Legislative District, Position 1.  Our endorsements are limited to those candidates who have shown an extraordinary amount of support to law enforcement and whose actions have demonstrated a commitment to public safety."

Washington State Fraternal Order of Police

Ken Roske, State President

"Brad has proven to us in public safety that he cares about the safety issues that concern law enforcement officers, along with their families while protecting the safety and interests of the citizens of the communities we serve.  He has been actively involved in resolving ongoing issues of concern involving the law enforcement community.  His responsible leadership and advice has proven beneficial to public safety and to the citizens of Washington State and FOP members."

Washington State Legislative Board - SMART-TD (Sheet Metal, Air and Rail Transportation Union - Transportation Division)

AHerb Krohn, Washington State Legislative Director SMART-TD/UTU

"We are pleased to announce our endorsements for the 2016 Primary election.  You are one of the candidates that the Washington State Legislative Board of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union-Transportation Division (formerly United Transportation Union - UTU) has endorsed."

Washington State Legislative Board - SMART-TD (Sheet Metal, Air and Rail Transportation Union - Transportation Division)

Bruce Beckett, Director of Government Affairs; Julia Gorton, Senior Manager, State Government Affairs; Marian Ericks, State Government Affairs Manager

"On behalf of both the Washington Restaurant Associations and the Washington Lodging Associations, we are pleased to inform you of your 2016 Candidate Endorsement of our member associations.    Together, our organizations represent the hospitality industry, the largest private employer in the state.....we look forward to working with you."

Washington Realtors and Tri-City Association of REALTORS

Lola Franklin, CAE Chief Executive Officer

"Thank you for your commitment to public service, and your willingness to include Realtors in conversations that involve real property and associated issues."

Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) of Washington

Joe Waldron, Chairman GOAL of WA; Legislative chairman, WAC; Legislative chairman, WSR&PA

"The Gun Owners Action League of Washington (GOAL of WA) is pleased to announce our endorsement of you for (re)election to the state House of Representatives.  Our endorsement list will be published in the Washington Arms Collectors’ magazine, GUN NEWS, as a recommendation to WAC members, and will reach over twenty thousand gun-owning households in the state of Washington."

Benton County Republican Party

Jerry Martin, Benton County GOP

"Congratulations!  You have received the Benton County GOP endorsement last evening from our Central Committee consisting of all elected and appointed precinct officers in the county."

Washington State Retail Association

Jan Teague, President/CEO

"Your support will help protect the rights of retailers from too much government regulation and over taxation. We look forward to working with you on important retail issues in the 2017 legislative session."

Association of Washington Businesses

Kristofer T. Johnson (President), Gary Chandler (Vice President, Government Affairs)

"On behalf of the Association of Washington Business (AWB), our state's chamber of commerce, we would like to thank you for your support of the issues that make a difference to the competitiveness of our state's private sector employees." 


"... we want to thank you for your support of those issues important to maintaining and creating jobs and strengthening our economy.  Because of your continued support and vote record..., you are receiving an endorsement from AWB."

Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs

Carl Nelson, Executive Director

"On behalf of the approximately 4,500 members of the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs, I am pleased to inform you that we have endorsed your candidacy for your reelection to the Washington State Legislature.  We appreciate your support of public safety and law enforcement officers."

Washington State Council of Fire Chiefs

LEOFF 1 Coalition - for retired Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters

Joyce Willms

"I am happy to inform you that the LEOFF 1 Coalition has officially endorsed your re-election race for the 8th Legislative District.  Good luck with your campaign."

NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) Safe Trust - THE VOICE OF SMALL BUSINESS

Patrick O’Connor, Washington State Chair Director

"We are pleased to announce the NFIB/Washington SAFE Trust, the political action committee for the National Federation of Independent Business, Washington’s and the nation’s voice of the small business endorses your campaign for state representative.....You have stood with us fighting for small business in the state legislature."

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