Association of Washington Businesses

Kristofer T. Johnson (President), Gary Chandler (Vice President, Government Affairs)

"On behalf of the Association of Washington Business (AWB), our state's chamber of commerce, we would like to thank you for your support of the issues that make a difference to the competitiveness of our state's private sector employees.  This is especially significant given the challenging times our state has seen the last 2 years. Your two year voting record exceeds 80% and we want to thank you for your support of those issues important to maintaining and creating jobs and strengthening our economy." 


"Because of your continued strong support and vote record score, you are receiving an endorsement from AWB."

Human Life Political Action Committee

"We are pleased to inform you that you have receive an endorsement from the Human Life Political Action Committee (PAC). We are grateful for your commitment to stand behind the right to life."

Family Freedom Coalition of Washington

The FFCWA PAC’s mission is to identify, educate and support candidates for elected office who maintain integrity and understand the issues important to preserve, protect or expand parental and family rights in the State of Washington.  

Law Enforcement Administrators of Washington (LAW)

James McMahan

"LAW is pleased to announce our endorsement of your bid for re-election as the Representative from Washington's 8th Legislative District, Position 1.  Our endorsements are limited to those candidates who have shown an extraordinary amount of support to law enforcement and whose actions have demonstrated a commitment to public safety."

LEOFF 1 Coalition - for retired Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters

Joyce Williams, Government Relations, LEOFF 1 Coalition

"I am happy to inform youth the LEOFF 1 Coalition, a statewide organization, is proud to endorse you in your 2018 election."

National Rifle Association

Keely Hopkins, State Director NRA-ILA State and Local Affairs

On behalf of NRA members in Washington House District 8-1, I am pleased to announce your NRA-PVF “A+” rating and endorsement for the 2018 Washington Primary Election. This endorsement is a reflection of your support on Second Amendment issues and your responses to NRA-PVF’s candidate questionnaire.

Our members will interpret your “A+” rating and endorsement as being a solid pro-gun/pro- hunting candidate who is an advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. 

Washington Fire Chiefs

Steve Wright, Executive Director

"The Washington Fire Chiefs have chosen to endorse your 2020 election campaign because of your hard work, responsiveness, leadership and support of our fire service related issues".

NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) Safe Trust - THE VOICE OF SMALL BUSINESS

Patrick Connor, Washington State Chair Director

"You can count on Rep. Brad Klippert to take a thoughtful, principled approach to complex and controversial issues. His commitment to public safety, justice and education is evident in each vote he takes. Small business owners are fortunate to have earned his trust and support on key issues impacting their right to own, operate, and grow their businesses, providing jobs and opportunity in our communities.  For these reasons, we are pleased to endorse Rep. Klippert for re-election to the state House of Representatives."

Northwest Credit Union Association-NWCUA

Paula Sardinas, DPL

"On behalf of Washington State Credit Union members we are pleased to support your 2018 campaign re-election. Our members are not red, or blue, they are credit union members and our members are different.  The key difference between local credit unions and other financial service providers, is credit unions, not for profit, cooperative structure.  Unlike for profit financial institutions that must pay stockholders, credit unions exist only to serve their member owners financial needs and are uniquely positioned to return direct benefits to them.  

NWCUA as a bi partisan organization appreciates your support on the issues that matter most to our members: choice, market competition, fairness. We know that by supporting your campaign "we are listening to the voices of your constituents."

Just as you can count on our support in 2018, your credit union constituents will know, they can also count on YOU!"

Washington 2A

Washington Affordable Housing Council

Gary Wray, WAHC Chairman

"It is our pleasure to inform you the Washington Affordable Housing Council voted to support you in 2018.  We look forward to seeing you in Olympia and working towards more affordable, free market housing."

Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs

Teresa Taylor, Executive Director

"I am happy to inform you that WACOPS has chosen to endorse you in your legislative race.  WACOPS is the oldest and largest organization in Washington advocating on behalf of rank and file peace officers throughout the state."


"Thank you for all you do. We appreciate your support of WACOPS."

Washington Dairy Federation

Dan Wood, Executive Director,

"On behalf of Washington's Dairy Families, it is my pleasure to inform you that Washington Dairy Families, the political action committee of the Washington State Dairy Federation, has endorsed your campaign for the Washington State House of Representatives. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your leadership and public service efforts."

Washington Farm Bureau (WFB)

Mark Streuli, Associate Director, Government Relations

"Thank you for your leadership and support of issues vital to Washington Agriculture. We definitely consider you a friend of Farm Bureau.


The Washington Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general farm organization, representing the economic and social interests of more than 47,000 member families.  Our chief aim is ensuring our family farms continue to feed the world."

Washington Food Industry Association

"Through your voting record and other legislative actions, you have shown your concern and support of the independent grocery industry, its local owners and their employees.  Growing locally owned businesses is the backbone to Washington State's economy and we look forward to working with you on the important issues facing our state and members."

Washington Hospitality Association

Julia Gorton, Director Government Affairs

"On behalf of the members of the Washington Hospitality Association, we are pleased to formally endorse you  for election to the Washington State House of Representatives.  We recognize your commitment and service to your community, district and the hospitality industry in Washington State."

Washington Realtors and Tri-City Association of REALTORS

Lola Franklin, CAE Chief Executive Officer

"On behalf of our Governmental Affairs Committee and Board of Directors, we thank you for your commitment to public service, and for your understanding of and willingness to work with us on real estate related issues"

Washington State Fraternal Order of Police

Marco Monteblanco, President, Washington State Fraternal Order of Police

"Thank you for always supporting the men and women that put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve the Benton County Community.  We look forward to working with you as you continue to serve as Representative for the 8th Legislative District."

Washington State Retail Association

"Please accept our congratulations on receiving the Washington Retails Association's endorsement for your campaign.  

The association and it's members across the state count on legislators who understand and support policies that impact retailers businesses and our state's economy. "

Washington State School Retirees' Association

Linda Averill, President

WSSRA advocates on behalf of school retirees' financial security and health benefits. WSSRA endorses candidates based on their understanding of, support for, and openness the pension and benefits needs of our membership that include over 18,000 retirees and current employees from all classes of public school employment. 

Duane Davidson, State of Washington, Treasurer

"Brad is always concerned with how legislation will impact the state coffers.  He understands the need to reduce our state's debt and believes we should operate within our means. As State Treasurer, I appreciate that. We need more of this approach in Olympia."

Kim Wyman, State of Washington, Secretary of State

"I support Brad Klippert because he serves our state with compassion, honor and integrity. He works hard each day to keep our communities safe and represents everyone in his district very well in Olympia."

Benton County Republican Party

Jerry Martin, Benton County GOP

Jerry Hatcher, Benton County Sheriff

Bill McKay, City of Kennewick Councilman

"I am voting for Brad Klippert because he isn't your normal politician, he actually does what he says he will do, plus he honors the constitution of the United States. Thank you for representing us Brad!"

Larry Haler, Washington State House of Representatives, 8th Legislative District

"Brad Klippert embodies what it means to a leader. He mentors youth in our community as a School Resource Officer. Brad life bears witness to his leader skills as the Commander of the Washington State National Guard, Minority Chair of the State House of Representatives  Committee on Public Safety. 


His proven leadership and caring for the future of the people in Tri-Cities 8th Legislative District and state wide, merit his re-election in 2018. 


Please join me in voting for State Representative Brad Klippert.”

John Hansons, Benton County Coroner

John Trumbo, City of Kennewick Councilman

"I support Brad Klippert because he is a man of strong moral convictions and conservative principles.  He works hard, studies the issues and engages the constituents where they are.  I respect Rep. Klippert as someone who is more interested in doing what is right for the people and freedom more than furthering his personal political gain."

John Smart, City of West Richland, Council Position #1

"Brad provides our community with strong moral leadership that represents the values of the 8th District.  Brad listens to his constituents, connects with people, and works hard to preserve our rights and protect our pocketbooks!"

Mr. Doug Overturf

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