•  Requires millions of dollars of additional UNFUNDED training in

     de-esclationg training

     although officers 

     CURRENTLY receive 

     training in these fields

  • Requires officers to render first aid to suspects before victims or pursuing additional suspects  

  • Eliminates the protections placed in Wa state law to protect law enforcement officers should they HAVE to use force or be involved in a use of deadly force situation. 

  • Law enforcement is united in their belief this is bad for public safety and will put communities as well as officers at risk.  

  • Protect our officers & protect our 

     communities and

     VOTE NO TO I-940!


  • Consumers (we!) will pay 2.3 billion in the first 5 years! No cap on increased fuel costs!

  • Large Emitters & Consumers by definition = you, me & small         businesses & we

     will pay billions!

  • The true large emitters in WA state will be exempted!

  • Exemptions can be added at any time!

  • Billions spent with no accountability by an unelected board!

  • No assurance or likelihood of reducing of significantly reducing greenhouse gases

Links for more information:

  • Re-defines most commonly-owned sporting, collectable and self-defense rifles as “assault” weapons.

  • The initiative would create a new criminal offense; gun owners would be charged with a class C felony if any of their stolen firearms were used by someone else to commit a crime.

  • Applicants to buy a firearm would be required to give up their health care privacy and allow government employees full access to their medical and counseling records.

  • The right of adults age 18 to 21 to buy a firearm would be repealed.  They would also lose the right to possess a firearm except in their home, place of business, or on their own property.

  • Initiative 1639 would restrict the civil rights of people who already follow the law, but would have less effect on people who choose to engage in violence and break the law.

  • By restricting and stigmatizing legal ownership, Initiative 1639 would make it more difficult for state residents to protect themselves, neighbors or family members from criminal acts.

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