Public Safety

As a law enforcement officer, husband, and father, I know the meaning and value of a safe community.  We want our children to grow up in a safe, vibrant commnity. 


I have co-sponsored several bills related to DUI, criminal gang violence, protection of children from sexual predators, as well as legislation related to sex offenders. 

I will work to fight for proper Public Safety policy and funding to keep our community safe without criminal gang violence, and without the negative influence of illegal drugs in our schools and our communities. 



I have taught at all educational levels (kindergarten to college classes).  Education lays the foundation for the future of our state, and we need to ensure that our state provides for the best education possible. 


Education consumes the largest portion of our state budget, while our schools varying needs are never fully addressed or funded. Billions of dollars have been spent over the past decade on student testing, but has it really met the needs of our young people?  Can the cost be justified?  I say NO!  It's been said, "livestock don't gain weight when you weigh them, and kids don't get smarter when you constantly test them." We need to ensure more freedom to choose - and innovate - curriculum at the local school level while supporting charter and home schools. 


I will commit to improve the educational systems that will make sure this generation has the best opportunities for success in the globally competitive world of today.

Jobs, Free Enterprise and Support for Washington Businesses


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Washington unemployment rate in April 2016 was 5.8%.  We need a balanced state budget that continues to cut costs where possible, and not put the bureaucratic, regulatory tax burden on our hard working citizens and WA State businesses. 

Our bloated system of bureaucracy stands in the way of progress by focusing on regulation after regulation.  What we need is greater fiscal responsibility in Olympia.  I will help ensure we reign in excessive spending, and get back to a limited, constitutional government that supports our free market system, creates and increases family wage jobs. 


I will NOT vote for socialized medicine in our state.  I will encourage competition in the insurance marketplace, so we don't loose medical insurance providers in our region.

Energy and the Environment


We need a sound, common sense energy policy.  I support nuclear energy and hydro-electric generation that are vital to our economy and agriculture using these low cost renewable energy sources.

I will NOT support cap & trade or carbon tax legislation in WA State but will continue to work toward common sense, reasonable protection of our environment.


I co-sponsored the Climate Change Accountability Act to provide transparency in Government for bills such as cap and trade, which will have tremendous consequences on the families and businesses in terms of taxation and other requirements. This act required that all climate change legislation provide specific details in terms of the carbon offset, implementation costs, and cost savings.  



I support legal immigration into the United States and our state.  Today the Federal Government is failing to uphold the law when it comes to illegal immigration.  I would support legislation to allow our state to handle illegal immigration when the Federal Government fails.  I oppose sanctuary cities.  I support the H-1B visa program for temporary farm workers.


Limited Government and the 10th Amendment

Our Founding Fathers intended that we have a limited constitutional government and all powers NOT enumerated in the Constitution were reserved for the states.  In order to get back to a constitutional government here in WA State, we need to support 10th amendment legislation to ensure that the Federal Government understands that we reserve the right to determine our own healthcare policies, and not have unconstitutional mandates forced upon us.  

We need to hold our public officials accountable for their neglect of the rule of law. The Majority  Party repealed the Taxpayer Protection Act (I-960), which was passed by WA voters state-wide.  This bill requires a 2/3 majority vote of the Legislature in order to increase taxes. 

As your Representative, I cosponsored legislation to claim state sovereignty rights under the 10th amendment, and I will continue to work for you and our rights as your representative in Olympia.

Citizens for Brad Klippert

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